In partnership with sound artist Fabio Garces of Sonic Enchantment, we've developed this exclusive Wanderfuel sound meditation to elevate your journey. Stream it now to relax and calm your senses, or download it for an immersive experience the next time you travel.  This audio is intended to be listened to on headphones.


Fabio Garces of Sonic Enchantment


Integrating the transformative and healing properties of sound, Sonic Enchantment is a live musical and multi-media experience, bringing listeners on a journey of the mind and body. A mixture of old-and-new world technologies, the performance fuses electronic and ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal soundscapes and ancient sacred sounds. The result is a sensory experience built to spur deep physical and mental restoration, helping to create a sense of balance and a state of inner calm. 

This audio sample is designed to help you enter a deeply relaxing and meditative state of consciousness. During this immersion you will be surrounded with the sounds of Earth’s resonant frequency- solfeggio tuned crystal bowls, twinkling tuning forks and hypnotic melodies merged with subtle sounds of nature.

Sound meditations are composed of a unique blend of vibrations, capable of creating transformation on multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Some of the frequencies used promote endorphin release and coherent mental states.

We asked Fabio how he uses sound to find balance: "I personally use the audios as a complement to my daily meditation practice.  With a focus on the breath and by allowing the sounds to guide me on a journey,  my mind then becomes clear and a purity of consciousness is then able to be experienced.

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by Corey Angelo